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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Julie Clark's Taco Soup by Jackie

This is a rerun from 2008. See the following link for cooking instructions:


  1. Grown-ups and one kid loved it! One kid (still) freaked out by the slightest visual of beans, but that just leaves more for us-- YEAH!!

  2. BTW, I'm sitting here eating leftover soup after being outside for a full 15+ minutes waiting for the kindergarten bus, and this is SOOOOOOOOOOO good... Heaven, in fact. This is the best thing on a freezing day! Thx, Jackie!!!

  3. This was so tasty and filling. The whole family loved it. Thanks for a great meal!

  4. This was a big thumbs up in our family. We enjoyed the taste so much. I'll have to make it again! My kids just scarfed it down. Awesome dinner!

  5. We really enjoyed this meal! Thanks! We loved adding the cheese and chips to this soup.