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Monday, February 1, 2010

Chicken Macaroni Bake by Jackie

Morrow Ladies,
I thought this recipe sounded yummy and it got good reviews from the other group, so I am stealing this one from Jackie!
you can get all the details on how to make and freeze/cook by going to Jackie's name and it is her recipe from Dec 2009!
Hope you enjoy!


  1. Had this last night and everybody LOVED it!!!! Thanks Jackie for a great meal idea.
    I do want to add that I used 4 cups of COOKED pasta (it originally calls for 8 oz or 1 cup, which would only be 2 cups cooked, and that did not seem like enough, so I doubled it.)
    8 oz. of shredded cheese is actually 2 cups, so use 1 1/2 cups in the dish and use the other 1/2 cup with the buttered breadcrumbs for the top.

    We actually forgot and laid the mixed buttered breadcrumbs and cheese mix on top of the still warm bag of chix mix. So they melted a little. However, once frozen and then defrosted, they should crumble up again, if not, just break them up a little your self. I hope you guys enjoy. I think you could even sneak a little veggies in it too!

  2. We really liked this. No problem with the breadcumbs not crumbling again! Thanks!

  3. P.S. We would not have had enough without the extra pasta. Thank you for thinking ahead!

  4. The recipe does not show up!! I would like to try it :)