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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Salsa Chicken by Mel

4 boneless chicken breasts
32 oz. picante or salsa
1 c. minute rice
Flour tortillas
Cheddar cheese
Optional assorted toppings: lettuce, olives, sour cream

Cook chicken and salsa for 10-12 hours on low (or 6-8 on high) in a crock pot. Shred chicken and add rice (uncooked), and cook for 30 minutes on HIGH.

Serving Day:
Serve on flour tortillas with assorted toppings of your choice.

Freezing directions:
Prepare as usual. Thaw completely. Reheat and serve.


  1. This was really good. We all enjoyed it. We always put our filled tortillas in our indoor grill seal the food in. Makes it much easier for the kids to eat. Thanks Mel.

  2. Yum. This was a good meal. I will use HOT salsa the next time I make it, but we all enjoyed it. Thanks Mel!

  3. Everyone really liked this meal. Thanks!

  4. We really liked this. Thanks!