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Monday, July 6, 2009

RLCA Breakfast Sandwiches by Katie

My mom is a cook at RLCA (aka: Round Lake Christian Assembly), this one of our favorites from camp. We spend a lot of time up there during the summer and thought we'd bring a little something back to share with you! I ordered all the ingredients from her and then just assembled the sandwiches. Everything is already pre-cooked!

Thomas English Muffins
pre-cooked sausage patties
pre-cooked scrambled eggs
American cheese slices

Layer sausage patty, egg, and cheese on English muffin. Top with remaining English muffin half. Wrap in foil. Freeze inside freezer bag.

Serving Day:
Thaw. Because they are already pre-cooked, you just need to warm them up.

Option 1: Keep in foil and put on a cookie sheet and warm in oven.

Option 2: Remove foil and warm up in microwave. It doesn't take long, maybe 20-30 sec. depending on your microwave.



  1. These are delicious!! If you only want one at a time, unwrap one sandwich from the foil and rewrap loosely in a paper towel. Then microwave on DEFROST for 5 minutes (from frozen). But the end of the 5 minutes, your sandwich is thawed AND warm and ready to eat!!

  2. These were very tasty. Thanks!

  3. Katie,
    We had these on vacation and loved them. Thanks for taking the work out of cooking on vacation for me--I appreciate it so much!!!!

  4. Thanks Katie!Great idea.So yummy!