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Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Freezer Friendz!

I couldn't let this month pass without acknowledging our 3rd birthday! I can't believe it's already been that long!

This has been a fun year. We have gone up and down in the number of gals in our group, due to sports, etc., but we continue to swap meals monthly and love it!

This year we had the opportunity to share about freezer cooking with the MOPS group I used to be involved with and we had a great time doing that. We would love to share with more groups, so let us know if you are interested.

We continue to be amazed at the number of readers we have and at the fact that we have readers all over the world. It's funny since, when we started the blog, it was just to share our recipes and comments with each other. We LOVE being able to help other families have a more peaceful mealtime. :)

We love to hear from our readers, so please comment if you'd like.

Happy Birthday Freezer Friendz and Happy Freezer Filling to the rest of you!


  1. Happy Birthday! A group of friends just started an informal freezer meals group here. Sunday will be our second month. I am following here to get some ideas for recipes. Informal means we bring what we want (within some size limits) and we take the same number of meals home. (if we bring 4 meals we take 4; if we bring 1 we take one) Thanks for providing a resource for those of us starting out.

  2. You are so welcome Stacy! I'm glad you are finding success with your group. FYI: The reason we use categories for our meals is for the sustainability of the group. A friend told me that she started a group like this and it fell apart after a while because everyone started bringing ground beef casseroles and no one wanted to have a freezer full of ground beef casseroles. We chose categories to avoid that sort of thing.

  3. H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y , my freezer-cooking friendz!!!

    :) Mags

  4. Happy Birthday Freezer Friendz. My freezer group uses a lot of your recipes and has found the categories to be extremely helpful!