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Friday, September 10, 2010

Freezer Cooking Tips/Ideas From Our Readers

Hello Readers,

We've really enjoyed sharing what we know about freezer cooking with you. Now it's your turn to share. We'd love to hear some of your favorite tips/ideas/recipes that we may not have heard of before. Just for fun, how about you post a comment and teach us a thing or two. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!
Your Freezer Friendz


  1. How would you suggest starting up a group? Do you only work with friends? I noticed that some groups are missing people, is that a problem or a blessing? How do you deal with different styles of cooking/food preferences?

  2. I'm sure I don't know anything you don't, but one of the best things I've made was stuffed potatoes. I baked 10 pounds of potatoes at once and then made a couple different filling types. They really didn't take that long to assemble and made awesome meals or side dishes. They even looked nice enough to give away. Sour cream, cheese, and potatoes all seem to go on sale at the same time in the fall, so it's a frugal idea too!

  3. Lisa: We started our group with people that all knew each other and we knew that each person was a good cook with non-picky eaters in their family. When we have open spots, we will usually invite someone that one of us knows to join. Sometimes we decide that it is good to have some empty spots, if we are all having busy schedules and would prefer to cook less. We have learned that it is important to know what the person's cooking is like before inviting them to join the group. If someone is not a good cook, people are not going to have a pleasant freezer swap experience. We do have guidelines that all members have to agree to. Families must be willing to try new foods. We do ask that people don't make spicy food, or include ingredients that most kids won't eat. We tell people upfront that if they have picky eaters, this is not the group for them. We also ask members to comment after they try each meal. One purpose of the comments is to give feedback to the cook as to whether or not they should make that meal again. We tell our members to be polite in the way they phrase constructive criticism, and that they need to be open to receiving criticism without having hurt feelings. It really has worked out well. Having the rotation ensures that all members receive a variety of food each month.

  4. Thanks for sharing Cherish! I've never made these, but you've inspired me to try it.

  5. A lady who used to be our exchange group made the most amazing chicken and it still is a favorite among us all.
    Cream Cheese Chicken
    1 1/2lb chicken
    1/4 -1/2c butter (most of us prefer 1/4c)
    1 pkg italian dressing mix
    1 pkg cream cheese
    cube chicken. melt butter in pan, add chicken and italian dressing mix stirring frequently until chicken is cooked. Add cream cheese and stir until all combined.
    Freeze. Thaw and reheat on stove.
    or serve immediately
    You can serve it over egg noodles or rice.

  6. Liz, I have this recipe and our family loves it. I didn't know if it would freeze well or not. Thanks for the tip.

  7. I love your blog! I have recently started making freezer meals and will be making several of your recipes next week. I'll comment when I try them! My family loves Asian cuisine, especially Thai food. Do you have suggestions for freezing rice, veggies and eggs? I may start freezing a small portion of dinner when I cook Thai just to test it out--but I would much appreciate any insight have! THANK YOU! WONDERFUL BLOG!

  8. When I make freezer meals I line my pan with foil and then freeze. Once the meal is frozen I remove it from the pan and wrap with two layers of plastic wrap. I then label with a marker what it is and which pan I used. That way I can unwrap it and drop in in the pan when I am ready to cook it. Keeps my pans free and saves money by not buying tons of foil pans.