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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Breaded Chicken Breasts by Tish

*** Ladies sorry I was a little late getting these to all of you and then I completely forgot to post the recipe. Just WAY TOOOOO much going on personally that time. Sorry for the delay.***

This was actually a re-run of a recipe I did a very long time ago. Just look in the achives under Tish and it should come up with the Breaded Chicken Recipe. The only difference I made was that I cut the chicken up into smaller strips so it would defrost and cook more quickly. I hope you enjoy them and again so sorry for the delay!


  1. This meal was quite tasty, and was well liked by the whole family. We did have a small issue with the amount of chicken,. The smaller chicken breasts did cook nice and fast, but we could have used one more. Thanks!

  2. We enjoyed this meal. It is versatile enough to go with just about anything I have available. Thank you.

  3. Everyone liked this meal. Thanks Tish! We had plenty for all of us.